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2008, 2021

Do Smart Fingerprint Door Lock work?

The answer is YES

Simplified life comes from a not simple door lock

ooHouseholdhacks has been committed to the design and development of smart locks, providing customers with high-quality home smart products, so as to provide you with a warm, convenient and safe home. The taste of life begins with having ooHouseholdhacks products.

1.What is the normal-on Mode or which scenes are […]

908, 2021

Paint your life by smart Led Strip Lights

We oohouseholdhacks leda leading led strip light company that understands reputations are earned one customer at a time. oohouseholdhacks‘s foundation is built on an uncompromising dedication to product reliability, excellent user experience, outstanding service and support.From cutting-edge technology to rapid response times, oohouseholdhacks takes pride in delivering complete your […]

608, 2021

You must choose a Smart Plug in your home

Having a Smart Home is easy thanks to ooHouseholadhacks SMART+ products. In just a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily set up and start controlling your outlet. Can’t remember if you left something on? Your ooHouseholadhacks SMART+ Plug will help you to monitor and control the device connected to your outlet right from your smartphone or tablet. Use it to […]

1907, 2021

What is zigbee gateway?

Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with Smart WIFI Gateway, It connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together, makes your life more smarter. It’s a mini-smart Zigbee gateway that Tuya develops. It consists of a highly integrated WiFi module, low power-consuming Zigbee module, and PCBA. It can be connected to the Tuya smart […]

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