August 20, 2021

Do Smart Fingerprint Door Lock work?

The answer is YES

Simplified life comes from a not simple door lock

ooHouseholdhacks has been committed to the design and development of smart locks, providing customers with high-quality home smart products, so as to provide you with a warm, convenient and safe home. The taste of life begins with having ooHouseholdhacks products.

1.What is the normal-on Mode or which scenes are suitable for this model?

Tips: If a place needs frequent entry and exit such as offices, you can turn on the normally-on mode during working hours and then no need to register the fingerprints for everyone who enters your office, just press down the biometric door handle. If you don’t want other people to enter your office at will or after getting off work hours, you can turn off this mode immediately.

Important note: Pls do register the admin fingerprint firstly and then you can use this mode!

2.How to adjust the handle direction for left or right-handed doors?

Tips: Please refer to the video we had uploaded under “Customer questions & answers” on store page.

3.How to make the fingerprint reader in the best working condition?

Tips#1: Please enter the fingerprint position correctly. We recommend that you try to enter the more concentrated part of the fingerprint, such as the middle or a little bit front the middle of the fingerprint, so that the fingerprint sensor can better identify your fingerprint;

Tips#2: Please place the finger flat on the center of the fingerprint reader for better recognition;

Tips#3: Please keep the finger dry or clean. Wet, oily or dirty finger will cause verification problems.

ooHouseholdhacks will be responsible for the products sold in our store and ensure that there are no defective products in the hands of customers. If you have any technical issues during use, please feel free to contact our service team for supporting. What you bought is not only a smart lock but also our service with peace of mind.

  • 【One-touch Unlock】ooHouseholdhacks fingerprint door lock is made of premium zinc alloy. Advanced biological fingerprint technology, it can read fingerprints in 360 degrees, unlock within 0.2 seconds. Don’t worry about forgetting the key when you go out, you can unlock it with a fingerprint at any time. The first three sets of fingerprints are administrator, others are ordinary users. No need to use keys to manage the room, the low cost for the best security.
  • 【More Convenient】Two unlock modes- fingerprint and emergency key, meeting your different needs. You can use emergency keys when the battery is dead and forget to replace it or if the elderly at home are used to using the key. Fingerprint door knob locks suitable for any age group, you can choose the unlocking method according to your needs.
  • 【Application】The length of the lock latch is adjustable, from 2-3/8″(60mm) to 2-1/8″(70mm), suitable for door thicknesses from 1-3/8” to 2-1/8”(35mm -55mm). Applicable for both left and right hand doors,ooHouseholdhacks keyless entry door lock is the best ideal for any standard single cylinder American door latch lock, such as apartment, personal residence and office, etc.
  • 【Warm Tips】This lock requires 4 AAA batteries (not included), service life is about 9 months. When the battery is dead and without the key, you can use android charging cable to plug it into the USB port on the side of the front panel to unlock it, but it cannot charge batteries, please replace the battery in time.
  • 【Excellent Customer Service】Our fingerprint handle locks are easy to install, please refer to user manual or video for specific installation and operation. ooHouseholdhacks provides 30 days exchange and refund service, 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support. Any questions please feel free to contact us, we will be at your service 24 hours a day.

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